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Catastrophic Injuries – Law Office of Arthur Liebling

Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are usually obvious to identify and include brain injuries, paralysis, loss of a limb, blindness, or loss of an important bodily function.

Despite the obviousness of their appearance, what is not so obvious are the long term needs that a person with a catastrophic injury will have.   Catastrophic injuries generally result in monumental expenses.

A child who is deprived of oxygen at birth resulting in severe brain damage may require permanent 24 hour nursing care and expensive medical assistance to provide the highest quality of care possible.  The cost for such care over the child’s lifetime  can reach 15 to 25 million dollars.

The loss of a limb may require extensive physical and vocational rehabilitation and training to help bring the victim back to the highest level of quality of life.

Prosthetic appliances, wheel chairs, mechanical beds, and specialized vehicles are extremely expensive, wear out, and over time require maintenance and replacement.

In preparation for trial, we work with various experts who meet with each of the treating doctors to determine our client’s future needs and prepare a life care plan detailing the nature and cost of future care.

Using inflation rates for medical services and appliances, the experts can accurately predict the cost of the services and equipment needed to help the victim maintain the highest quality of life.

An injured victim’s quality of life is greatly improved when the best healthcare services are provided to keep the victim living at their highest and fullest capacity.


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